TES’ Vision Statement speaks to welcoming all and fostering belonging. Being part of a vibrant community means shared experiences, friendships, religious enrichment, services and programs for you, your loved ones and friends.

One way to become part of the community is by sharing your energy, talents and professional skills as a TES volunteer.

Our Bikkur Holim volunteers provide support to TES members who are ill or in need – from stopping by for a welcome visit to providing a home-cooked meal.

Social and Racial Justice volunteers support projects that make a positive impact on important causes such as hunger, housing, racial justice, and climate change.

TES Volunteers help throughout the year in many ways, large and small, to help enhance our beautiful building, gardens, programs, events, and communications.

Become an active participant in our vibrant community. Get the satisfaction that comes from making our congregation, community, and world a better place.

There is much to give and receive.  Join in, join others, and be part of our TES community!