Rabbi Julie’s Sermons

Have you ever left our services wanting to hear parts of Rabbi Julie’s Shabbat Drash/D’var Torah/teaching again? Have you ever wanted to share what you heard at services with friends or family but can’t remember what exactly was said? Did you miss services but wish you could have been there? Are you called more to hearing the d’var Torah, and not the other parts of the service?


All of our services are recorded and posted online!


The d’var Torah (almost) always happens just after the Torah is brought out and before it is read. 


Here is the link to our youtube channel: 



You can also “subscribe” on youtube.


And if you would like a printed copy of the d’var Torah, R. Julie will happily share it with you. 


Enjoy our streaming access!


Melissa Grudin

Co-Vice President, TES Board of Trustees