Torah Study

Monthly Mussar Torah Study

Every Second Shabbat/Saturday, 9-10 am

Every second Saturday beginning March 9, members Julia Sommer and Diane Werich will facilitate the Shabbat Torah Study as a Mussar Torah Study, building discussions largely based on the book, The Mussar Torah Commentary: A Spiritual Path to Living a Meaningful and Ethical Life, edited by Rabbi Barry Block. Each chapter in the book offers an essay by a rabbi or scholar about a mussar middah (value or character trait) central to the story of the weekly Torah portion.

Julia and Diane, long-time “mussarniks,” have been studying this book for the past year and believe it brings new understandings to Torah study. They are excited to bring it to our community and we are so grateful to them for offering to bring a new lens to our TES Torah Study offerings.

As usual, this Torah study will be hybrid – in person and on zoom. Come check it out!


Regular Torah Study

Students of Torah (regular as well as occasional) meet to discuss the parashah (Torah portion) of the week most Shabbat mornings at 9:00 am.  Please see our calendar for the current schedule. A vibrant exchange is held among Torah seekers and those interested in learning more about the Scriptures sacred to the Jewish people. While several participants have studied the Hebrew language, many have not. Everyone is encouraged to attend having read the weekly text, but all are most welcome to join in regardless. Different editions of Torah and varying translations add to the stimulating conversation. Currently, the Rabbi leads the study once a month, and lay leaders volunteer to facilitate discussion as well.