The Library Corner

Planning a Bar Mitzvah, or a wedding? Expecting a baby? There are books in the Jewish Family Resource Center to help you plan for any and all “Cradle to Grave” events. Look for call number 304.

How about “The Bar /Bat Mitzvah Basics” (304.5 Len), or “Raising Your Child to be a Mensch” (304.5 Kur)? There’s “Love and Sex” (304.2 Gor), “The Jewish Baby Book” (304.5 Die), “When Aging Parents Can’t Live Alone” (304.7 Rub) and many more books to provide you with ideas and assistance.

Lobby Books – FREE! While we ask that you return books borrowed from the library within a month’s time, the books on the lobby table are for you to take home and keep. Parents and grandparents – there are lots of books for young ones, including holiday stories.

Where do these lobby books come from? Like all libraries, our shelves limit how many books we can offer. The free adult books represent duplicates or match the subject matter already in our library. Rabbi Ken carefully reviews all our library’s books to make sure we have the most up-to-date items, in good condition, which help cover a multitude of topics. We replace the Lobby books monthly. Those that we remove from the table are distributed to Ashland book stores and various libraries and organizations that can make use of them. If you don’t find books of interest to you this month – come again next month.

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