Bikkur Holim

The Bikkur Holim Committee is dedicated to fulfilling the mitzvah of visiting the sick (the literal meaning of bikkur holim). By providing compassion and support in times of need, we strengthen our connection to one another. We endeavor to accomplish our goals through communication with those in need.

Committee members make phone calls, send notes expressing concern for illness or loss, make home visits to members and  provide a package of foods for Shabbat.  We are geared to follow up with providing meals as needed. In addition, we provide community resource information.

We are indeed indebted to the members of Bikkur Holim who have given of their time and resources to fulfill others’ needs.  Our volunteers’ loyalty, compassion and conscientiousness is a model of selflessness in a world where so often the needs of others are ignored.

Anyone wishing to join the committee in its important work is most welcome. If you, or someone you know, are in need of a Bikkur Holim member for services, or if you have questions or requests, please contact Zyaire at the Temple Office at (541) 488-2909.  We are here to help.