Meet the Author

TES Emma Lazarus Library

“Meet the Author” Adult Education Series

First Sunday Mornings, 10:00am-Noon

An Evolving Vision of Jewish Life:

Mordecai Kaplan’s Reconstruction of Judaism

Rabbi Ken Ehrlich

TES is officially affiliated with the Reconstructionist movement.  But what does that really mean to us as a congregation and as individuals? Do we adhere to a specific Reconstructionist theology? Are we expected to observe Jewish laws and follow traditional Jewish customs? Is our worship servicenotably different from worship services in Reform or Conservative or Orthodox congregations?

We will address these and other questions in this year’s “Meet the Author” Sunday morning series as we examine the teachings of Mordecai Kaplan, the founder of Reconstructionist Judaism, and other leaders of the movement.

Our course will meet 10 am – noon on the first Sunday of every month.  We will meet via Zoom and, if possible, in the Library.  Watch your email for further information.

October 3 — The Origins of Reconstructionist Judaism (Who, What, Where, When, and Why)

November 7 — The Elements of Reconstructionism:  Judaism as a Civilization

December 5 — A Reconstructed Theology of Judaism

January 2 — Torah and Law:  The Challenge of Authority

February 6 — A New View of Zionism and “The Jewish State”

March 6 — How, Why, and To Whom Reconstructionist Jews pray

April 3 — Reconstructionism and the Future of the Synagogue and the Jewish Community in America

May 1 — Assessing Kaplan’s Vision: What Should Stay? What Should Change?


The Emma Lazarus Library is currently closed due to COVID restrictions.