Our Collections

There are fiction and nonfiction books and media in both of our Main Room (Main) and Family Resource Center (FRC).

Library shelves are labeled by topic to make it easy to locate books of interest.

For instance: To locate the ADULT FICTION collection look for the section of books in the Main Room that have brown tape on the base of each spine. These books are placed in alphabetical order according to their author. The spine will display A-Fic followed by the first letters of the author’s last name.

NON-FICTION collections are organized by call numbers. For example, in the 600’s section (in the FRC) you will find the topic of Jewish Cooking; in the 800’s, Yiddish Theater (in the Main room). The call numbers are followed by the first letters of the author’s last name.

The spines of the books in the Family Resource Center have green dots to designate their location. The catalog will usually designate the location of books in this area with the letters FRC.

REFERENCE BOOKS are noted by the letter R before the call number on the spine of the book. Reference books are to be used ONLY in the library to ensure availability for everyone.